A nonbeliever's SECOND reading of the Bible

A nonbeliever's SECOND reading of the Bible
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Monday, December 11, 2017

King David Shows Kindness (2 Samuel, Chapter 9)

A Nonbeliever's Second Reading of the Bible

2 Samuel, Chapter 9 - If you recall previous entries, the Philistines defeated King Saul and grandson Jonathan at the Battle of Mt. Gilboa.  Well, King Saul's last descendant was a man named Mephibosheth, who was the son of Jonathan. Mephibosheth was basically the grandson of Saul.  In their attempt to flee for their lives, the young child's nurse accidentally dropped Mephibosheth and he broke both of his legs.

In Chapter 9 of 2 Samuel, King David had just finished annihilating the Philistines, and so David wanted to do some sort of kindness in honor of the House of Saul.  He asked a former servant of the House of Saul, a guy named Ziba, if there was anyone left from the House of Saul.  Ziba informed him there was, and brought Mephibosheth before David.

Mephibosheth fell on his face when he met David, and David, out of kindness and in the spirit of victory, gave Mephibosheth all the properties and titles of the House of Saul, thereby reinstating him as royalty.  

There wasn't anything to terrible about this particular chapter.  It is a straightforward account of King David trying to fix the perceived wrongs of the past.

Sorry about the long time with no posts.  It has been an interesting few years since I last made an entry in this blog.  I plan to continue this particular series and also write a lot of other things.

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